Day 4 News : Green light

All is on track, and the guys packed up their camp at 5.30am this morning and made their way to the launch point near Folkestone.

They expected to be in the water between 7.30am and 8am

Updates and pictures may be sparodic today, but I will endevaour to keep you as up to date as I can with the crossing.

Lets wish them all the best of luck, and more importantly reward what they are doing by visiting the link below or texting CCCC66 £5 to 70070


Day 3 News : En route back to UK

Kevin : Just waiting to board the ferry. We made the port without a minute to spare. Just boarding. We need to get back to Folkstone for 9.30pm, set up the tents and get some rest ready for our channel challenge. It is going to be tough. I'm looking around the bus and can't see a face that isn't knackered!

Kevin (update) : We're on the ferry heading back to the UK. Morale is really high but I can also sense the nerves coming through in advance of tomorrows crossing attempt.


Day 3 News : Cycling Completed! Mad Dash to Ferry

Kevin : Day 2 complete. We now have 50 minutes to do an hour drive to Calais for the boat! Folkstone tonight, the crossing is on!

Photo's from todays cycling are loaded in the gallery...


Day 3 News : Starving... but thank goodness for ice-cream

Kevin : We're starving...... We are saved! We've found a cafe that specialises is ice cream and snacks...... Sod the snacks, I want a knicker-bocker-glory X


Day 3 News : Finding Bike Spares on a Sunday

Support crew trying to find bike spares on a Sunday in France... most miracles they can do but impossible is going to take longer.
day-3-cycle-shop-1.jpg  day-3-cycle-shop-2.jpg 

Day 3 News : Cycling Update

Here follows a whistle stop tour of todays cycling from Kevin Rimmer. Last we heard they had about 20miles left to cover...

1st stop of the day. 28 miles done.

30 miles to go second day. The wind is a killer and is hurting us. Pace is slower now. Food is an issue. Shops are closed.

20 miles to go for day 2. Not too bad for 3pm. Everyone is well and coping with the wind conditions.

Day 3 News : Preparing to leave


The guys are currently dismantling the camp and getting ready to set off on the 2nd day of cycling, with another 100 miles to complete.

Kevin writes
Camp being dismantled. We start our journey towards the channel crossing. Sammie is 20 today. We had cake and a song last night to celebrate. Weather is overcast. Could be rain. Let's hope today works as well as yesterday.

Some good news in that all is looking good for a Channel Crossing in Kayaks tomorrow - something to look forward too :)


Dave's Blog : Hardest Ride

Day 1 done, just lying in my tent listening to the birds, preparing myself for day 2, 100 mile ride.

Day 1 was amazing, the last 28 mile stretch was by far the hardest ride I've ever done, it was would not of been out of place in the mountain stage of the tour d France.

Just had a text off Will the support boat guy and all is go for 8am Monday morning in the channel.

Thanks for the messages of support keep them coming they do really make a difference. Xx


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