Day 4 News : All Done! 8hrs and 5mins

Kevin : 8 hours, 5mins to complete. On our way to border control with a coast guard boarding and escort (naughty). 

(more pictures in the gallery and more info soon)


Day 4 News : update (?)

Providing we have identified the right boat (see previous blog) then it would seem like the team are about 90mins away from landing in France.

That should mean we start to pick up news again around 5.15pm tonight? Watch this space for news and updates...


Day 4 News : marine investigation

I cannot be 100% guaranteed I am reading this right, but in the absence of any updates I have been trying to identify our safety boat (and therefore our kayaks) using the Marine Traffic live maps.

The boat below seems to be the only one that could be ours (unless ours is untracked) as it left Folkestone at right time, is right type of boat and is heading to right destination in France.

So... if I am correct, the guys are past half way as of 1.45pm
(if I am wrong I do apologies)


Day 4 News : Man Overboard!

Colin and Steve thought the water looked so nice, they went for a swim!


Thank You to Gower


Thank You to Kronospan


Day 4 News : Cheerio Blighty!

Not a great picture, and more are on the way - but here is team CCC saying goodbye to Blighty and setting forth for France!


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