Day 5 News : Ready, Steady, GO!

The team have set off on their 13mile Half Marathon at 12noon (UK Time) and expect to be at the finish under the Eiffel Tower by approx 2.30pm.


We have loaded a number of pictures of the start of the run to the gallery, but our favourites are as follows

day-5-run-start.jpg   day-5-run-start-2.jpg   day-5-run-start-6.jpg

Day 5 News : Wheels Rolling to Paris

Wheels are rolling en route to Paris.
Kevin has just sent us this update...

We will ALL start our run at Ezanville, outside Paris, which is 13.1 miles away from the Eiffel Tower. 

eiffel.jpgWe are likely to begin our run at around mid-day (11am UK time). There is likely to be two groups, with the leaders completing their leg after 2 1\2 hours and the others at some point....


Nobody will find it easy today. Everybody is carrying some sort of injury or muscular issue that will slow the groups down. I'm sat on the minibus along with 14 other people, half are asleep and the others are sat quietly. There is not a sound apart from road noise and the occasional indicator clicking. Morale is high but energy levels are low.


The group have all slept on floors since Friday and are all really looking forward to our own bed and shower facilities tonight at our first hotel of the challenge. We have left the 7.5T vehicle safely near Calais and have proceeded by minibus alone. The plan for today is, run, shower, celebrate, celebrate some more, then bed.

We will set off tomorrow at 10.30am to catch our 3pm boat back to the Uk. The 7.5T should be back for 7pm and the minibus at around 11pm if all goes to plan.


Les' Blog : Rewind to the Cycling

Les has just shared the following with us...

Have a look at this picture. This was not a set up, this was day 2 Cycle ride about 10 miles from the finish...

...Colin, Barry and Steve Oldfield getting close and personal with French Tarmac. Sad thing was - as soon as I took the picture I joined them lol


Day 5 News : Kevin's Blog

We are awake early (5.45am) to think about our half marathon. Nobody has mentioned it yet but I can sense people are still processing the enormity of yesterdays challenge.

We had a drive around last night looking for somewhere to grab some food or a snack. We found a restaurant in a small French village with three people inside. It was one of the places Allo Allo would suit to be in. I was waiting for colonel von clinkerhoffen to walk in. They had two things on the menu chicken or steak. Both were superb.

We start our last challenge day, all in one piece but all with something to show for our efforts including bruises, scrapes, blisters and stiff muscles. Getting on the bus last night looked like a scene from a Saga holiday.


The support crew (Keith, Les, Allan, Rachel, Sammie, Luke and Jade) really have impressed us all. Every time we stop, they are there putting up tents and blowing up beds. They are the first up each day and the last to bed. We could not have done this without their efforts.

I am lying here in my one-man tent listening to Colin and Keith emptying the vans whilst a few are still snoring. Kev's kitchen will be on the go shortly as people want feeding. One day to go and Paris calls us for our final event. Our run will begin 13.1 miles outside the city and will finish under the Eiffel tower. I wonder if Eiffel knew how much of an icon his landmark would become. We have our target for today and will all hit it.

Got to go, Kev's kitchen is due to open soon for Breakfast service

day-5-2.jpg  day-5-3-1.jpg  day-5-1.jpg

Day 5 News : Up and About

The guys are up and it is the final day of exersion, a 13mile half marathon run into Paris ending under the Eifel Tower

As always we will keep you posted and have the first update of the morning (a Blog from Kevin) on its way

For now, this picture seemed more than apt when I saw it on Facebook this morning.


Day 4 News : Kevin's Blog

We are all completely knackered but so glad to have completed such a massive challenge. Looking forward to warm clothes and a hot shower back at camp.

None of us have eaten since this morning. We could stop for food due to the poor conditions of swells and waves.

I've never been so happy to sitting safely in a warm mini bus.

Jo better have plenty of hugs ready for me when we get home on wednesday.

Day 4 News : The right boat

We we're tracking the right boat across the day. The route the guys took is as below. 

Many thanks to our friends at Full Throttle Boat Charters


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