Rowathon News : GO GO GO

Ready for Launch

Enjoy the day and don’t forget the following

STAY SAFE, and work as a team to support the rowers(have you considered supplies for the rowers - drinks etc?)

Keep me updated via email or via our facebook page (r14 charity). Lets bring this alive as a regional event. Who gets to France first, who gets left behind, who sinks, who swims, who raises a bundle of cash…

Keep yourself updated by keeping up to date with the blogs at

Keep the business updated via their facebook page

Have friends and family donate online. We have a team page, and every store has a page find yours at

And then time to count the pennies…No later than 11am Monday please let me know the total raised on Saturday - I will then collate and send to the centre (LLR) (this means you don’t have to send the info to Tanya, I will simply send a regional listing by store)

Celebrity Retweets in recognition

Via our Twitter account (@cccjune13) we have asked a number of celebrities to recognise our brave team by retweeting our justgiving page to their followers.

So far the list is...

  • Dave Spikey (Stand up Comic / Phoenix Nights)
  • Derek Accorah (Physic Medium)
  • Dean Andrews (Actor, Life on Mars)
  • Steve Phillips (Crewe AFC Goalkeeper & Coach)
  • Geoff Thomas (ex-Footballer)
  • Johnny Vegas (Comedian)

And via these people our Justgiving site has so far been tweeted to 55,867 combined twitter followers


Day 6 News : on their way home...

I can announce that after a night in relative luxury (compared to the rest of the challenge) the guys are on their way back to the UK as we speak.

Today we can start to see the toll the challenge has had on the team members.

On behalf of myself (IT geek) thank you for following us over the past week, month and for those who have been visiting us since the site launched in February... We will be amending the site today slightly to focus on our Rowathon challenge on Saturday - but all the pictures, blogs and news will still be here for you to read.

And most importantly - you can still donate to recognise this fantastic cause

.steve-downeys-hand.jpg   steve-downeys-hand2.jpg   leaving-paris.jpg

Day 5 News : Challenge Complete

Congratulations Team CCC, challenge complete!
More pictures to follow... 


Rowathon News Update

We interupt our coverage of the CCC event in France to bring you some news about our upcoming Rowathon on Saturday 15th June at every Wickes store in the North West (and UK)

Team Wigan have been busy arranging press coverage...


Meanwhile Team Baguley have been practicing their contingency plans for Saturday should anything befall their Rowing Machine


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