Rowathon : Video Montage

Rowathon News : 11am update

Stuggling to load pictures, but there are plenty on our facebook group - search R14 charity and join...

Daleks are invading Wigan who are well underway with their rowing. They have to win the first to France or they will be Ex-ter-min-ated...

Chorley were at 23,000m as of 10.30am

Blackpool keeping up the pace and just ahead of Chorley on 25,000 (tribe and I are now in sunny Blackpool)

Keep it up... you are OAR-SOME

Rowathon News : 10am update

News is a little sketchy so early on in the challenge. Myself and the clan, including Isaac who is 3 (youngest rower today?) have just finished a combined 5000m in Chorley, and they sit around 17,000m so far with CCC member Kevin Rimmer now in the chair.

Les Moffatt has been in Clifton already and informs us they are well on and well ahead of Chorley's distance so far – we will have to wait for confirmation on this as Les couldn't remember the distance .

Facebook being quiet other than Birkenhead confirming a £200 donation – brilliant

Keep those news stories coming. Next blog around 12noon after I have made my way to Blackpool and aimed for another 5000m...

Colin's Blog : final thoughts of the event

When I first came up with the idea of a tri-athlon involving cycling 200 miles, running a half-marathon and kayaking from England to France across the Channel, I had no idea whether it was even possible or whether anybody would be crazy enough to join me!
It turns out that it WAS possible and that I had no shortage of fellow Nutters willing to take it on in the name of charity!

The team of 8, plus our phenomenal support crew were all simply incredible and showed an amazing amount of courage, resolve, determination and stamina to complete the entire gruelling challenge in awesome style!

Whenever anyone was struggling, the rest of the team would rally round and pick them up and it was this superb team spirit that resulted in the challenge being a huge success with everyone returning safely.

Not only did we complete the challenge, but we are also set to smash through £40k in our fundraising to help our brilliant charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

I really could not feel any Prouder of this incredible team. Roll on next year.......

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